Sunday, April 15, 2007

A few changes around here.

We did it. We are still married. I think. Dad did leave for Brazil the day after it was done. It really does change our life around here. And my garage is full of furniture. But we think we like it. We will let you know for sure.

There were lots of princesses here last Saturday. Emma commented one night at supper that she wanted a birthday party with her friends and family. I suggested that she had lots of family around...(maybe that would be party enough?!) HAAA, ha, funny mother. She tipped her head and said.."ok then I want to have my friends!" So the planning began. Lots of pink stuff, and lots of glitter. ANd lots of giggling. It was great fun.
She turned seven. Unbelieveable.

Easter candy is now extinct around here except for a few lousy jelly beans. This bunch has no problem scarfing down anything chocolate or chocolate. Hmm, wonder whose gene pool that
comes from.
Happy Easter from the Goof troop.