Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Forecasters were almost giddy. Skiers were excited and standing by. Costco put their shovels and blue de-icer crystals at the entrance to the store.

I, however mowed the was getting scraggly. Then I pruned my roses, dug up my dailias and pulled out some ailing petunias. But anyone that knows me, knows I left those huge geraniums right were they have been all summer. They have done so great this fall. And I don't pull out a bloom when it's way. I also hung some of my blouses to dry on the railing of the porch...a fall air would dry them quick. RIGHT....

Well, silly me, those forecasters were right on the money. This is the scene we woke up to on Sunday morning.

This is really no problem except when I remember that my blouses WERE hanging on the railing...ah...rats. I rushed outside and see an empty railing where my clothes WERE supposed to be. And looking over expecting to see them laying on the ground, I was aghast to see this.

In the very spot below the railing is this area where the big snow falls off the roof....argh.

Four of my favorite-too nice to dry in the dryer...blouses were under there. I did manage to tug one out and it looked pretty sad...

But I have decided to look at it this way. I NEED TO GO SHOPPING!! And I should have a couple of cute rags come spring to -well, wash the car....

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I have decided that I reallly do love October...I love the colors of the leaves turning, and the colors of the fall season. And if you think about it, it is the only month we REALLY get to celebrate fall all by itself. ( By the time November rolls around, there is a lot of sparkly, Christmasey stuff out there and no matter how much you try to ignore it, it is there.) I have fallen for the fun way everyone loves Halloween. Yes, there is lots of creepy going on, but I have decided to fall for the vintage creepy and have crows and bats hanging around and all that.

I finished my creepy pumpkin guy this year and that was a major thrill. I covered white pumpkins with black lace and bought fake little tombstones. I searched everywhere for black spooky crows
and refused to pay 7 bucks for em. SO, I went to my workroom and pulled out my stash of stuff and made my own...ha. And of course, my velvet pumpkins were a smash on my Etsy site and I mailed them to Canada, and Vermont and Illinois and California to name a few. And they are still fun to make. (even after making uh...about 75 this season). And then it was time to fashion a Cleopatra costume for Em and when it came time to embellish and such, I didn't have to buy any is that for a stash?

( I need to go and replenish!) And Emmas school has a Halloween parade for the is way cool! They come to school dressed in their costumes and then line up and march through the gym in front of family and cameras...with "Monster MASH" playing in the background and the principal leading the way! ( He is the DOG here!) It is a great way to be inside and warm and show off their ghoulishnes...sans the masks.

And I helped turn my senior daughter into a fairy princess for her first date and first work I did all month. So November is here and I may need an extra nap to get through it....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

There is no place like home....

Emma has had a few weeks off track from school and Don was off farm hopping in jolly ole England. So we filled the big gas tank of "BIG ABE" and went off to see Mom and Dad for a couple of days. It was a beautiful fall day and with my book on cd and Emma's library book stash we were good to go....

It is always amazing to me to finally drive past OGDEN( after 400 hours) and then leave the city behind. The scenery on the top of Malad pass was breathtaking with the lake there and the trees all in their fall glory. ( I woulda taken a pic but driving with 2 hands is really recommened!)

When we reached the edge of the Lost River Valley, I can't help but feel nostalgic about the place where I grew up. The trees are all very tall now and that empty mainstreet is shorter and much quieter than I remember. But the numbers on the hill are still there with many more than were there when I left and that is somehow reasurring.

It is always a treat to see my parents- albeit a bit weird pulling in the driveway with no other siblings cars there. And oh so very quiet....lovely.

Dad still goes to the temple on Thursdays so mom and I and Em had a great day of shopping the great Arco and getting real mexican food from the street vendor and then visiting with friends. Emma went to the basement and found the doll house and played house for a bit while we watched the last of the miners being pulled from the mine.

Emma had a WONDERFUL time with their sweet which is not shy and the other two pretty skittish. But it didn't mean she quit trying....
It was such a beautiful day on Friday so we walked around the yard and admired the trees and all.....
Dad had a amazing crop of tomatoes and all in his garden...and his "livestock" follow him all over the place...

Emma and Grandma came out for a bit of sunshine and of course to see what the "livestock" were up to.

but soon it was time to load back into ABE and head back to the city.

But I should like to record here how great I think my parents are...not just because they raised us kids to be quite responsible adults but because I think they are great people.

My mom is just the best. Her example of thrift and great housekeeping put her in a league of her own...(t00 bad those two genes never made it my way...) She was and still is such a great friend to me and we talk and laugh about everything we love and is wonderful.

She is a kind, sweet and generous grandma. She chats with Emma like she really matters. All about kitties and school stuff. I hope to learn that trait...I want to grow up to be my mom.

Mom is personable and nice to all she meets...the guys who made our mexican dinner and our neighbors that need someone to come by and chat. She always has something going with her hands-creativity with dishtowels and baby afghans. And we learned recently that she has nearly 2000 hours logged into the hospital auxillary. That is all volunteer stuff! what an amazing example she is to me!

Dad has always been and will be my greatest hero. He is now bent and sore from all those cowboy and farmer days. I am so proud to have been there for a few of them and shared some of the most beautiful scenery from the saddle of a great horse. He is funny and smart. He is compassionate and spiritual. He has been serving as a sealer in the temple for going on 18 years and loves the people whom he serves. He is so reliable and constant and they at the temple love him for that. I feel so blessed to have had him marry my two oldest children...what a gift. He is also self less in the commuity and has been fighting for the local hospital for years.

He is a Lion of the Lord...he is a treasure to me. He is brave enough to try his hand at facebook!

My parents are my anchor. It was sobering to come home dad's youngest sister's funeral not long ago..
.I feel so blessed to finally be closer to them and able to see more of them. They are some of my favorite people!

I hope I can escape the burbs another day...and head home.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Short but very SWEET!

Steven, Meredith and my sweet Ella were able to come west for a few days. It was a short trip, but we enjoyed every minute together.
Okay, Ella REALLLLLY likes her auntie Emma and followed her around plenty.,,.,
but she and I got in some good cooking time...

We ate, we played games .

but the true highlight of the trip was seeing that inside of my Grownup boy is still a little boy that loves the trampop-o-line...and he is the only one that I allow to do flips. Good to see that somethings stay the same.

That little boy is still in there and that made this mom pretty happy.....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer slippage

It's happened again. And right underneath my nose. I should have known it was gunna happen. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME....summer slippage.
Here are just a few of the highlights and lowlights...

Now I leave it to you to choose which lights were low and me they were uh, mostly high.
So onto Fall.