Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Babies are the best gift...

I am pretty excited to announce( and kinda behind) the birth of Evie Alane born on June 10!
She was a sucessful v-bac baby and mommy got feeling better so much faster! Well take away the fun things of giving birth and well....
these two together just about do me in...

this is Alicia  when she was 2 days old....hmmmm. She was my first dolly....such a wonderful day.!

lots of arms and legs here include a new baby dolly too!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Always behind...

I am home sick today from church.  BAD, head and chest cold.  Sick of watching tv and not being able to taste anything and coughing like a bear.  So, guess I will resort to adding a post.  Don't have a clue how behind I really am but suffice it to say that "I am still alive, still getting older and onery".  Could be that time just flies by and watch my kiddos grow up and graduate from COLLEGE?????

And notice her wearing her BYU colors in this picture!!

It really was a great day and we were very proud of our little red-head.  But where did these days go?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fairy Princess

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved Beanie babies and the neighbors cat and anything dragonish.  Then she grew up and left home and wanted to go to the  BYU ball.  So her mom made her a pretty dress and this handsome friend showed thing we know she'll be bringing home -hey, let's not EVEN go there.

More of this....

Happy Mamie holding Claire....well, one of us is happy....

How big is Claire?

Emma stacking plastic, that is one talented girl.  And she can do it really fast...just don't get thirsty.  And tell the maid to get with it-that kitchen is a mess.

You know taking my girls shopping is always an adventure.  Trying on white trash hats that were on clearance just couldn't be denied...and now she is passing that wonder onto her young uns.

Okay, okay, this and that...

Here is the cat getting a ride from her bff...BELLE.  It didn't last long.

 Christmas day with the goof troop...look everybody is smiling.
And then we went  to the airport to pick up Jason, (no, that's an inside joke...)
our other cuties who flew in from KS.  Boy were their arms tired.

We opened presents that night .  Did you see those stripey socks?

My little pony lives on.....and on....

Rachel contemplating something...maybe those high heeled gold shoes....hmmmm.
Then there is Em in her poptart cat pjs.  What a cutie.

Here are the pie eaters in the kitchen making messes.  Hey what is Christmas without a pie or two and then messes to go with?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting through the gloomies.

Let us just say that January is NOT one of my favorites.  Growing up in Idaho, it was snowy and really cold and wickedly winter. When we lived in Florida, there was just no such thing.  When Christmas was over, we packed up our light sweaters and then played outside.
We went to the Beach.  We went to the park.  We went to the BIG parks when Family came.  We had lots of family come too....winter in Florida was pretty enticing.  We took all to the orange groves to pick the orange sweetness right off the tree. And then there was the Strawberry festival.  Strawberry fields everywhere and a fair full of street vendors selling shortcakes slathered with authentic shortbread, mashed strawberries, and real whipped cream.  It was heaven in a styrofoam dish.
We biked all over the small bay town, weaving in and around lush fields of tomatoes and citrus.  It was no secret why Florida was such a "snow bird" place.   We learned to tolerate them...those "snow birds".  We just figured out how to live around them.  Our little town increased in numbers of nearly 10,000 when they showed up in late November.  I learned to never grocery shop on Monday morning because of the white haired traffic, and always wait until nearly 7 to dine out to avoid the "early bird" special gang.  And I learned to bite my tongue with so many grandmas around to "help" me raise my children.  There was no limit to the advice I got.
We loved our life there.  I loved the January sunshine so sparkly and peaceful.  I could sit out on the deck and watch the kids swing and just soak up the bug free, low humidity wonderfulness.  But in the back of my mind, I would wonder if we would ever move west.  I saw myself sitting by the fire with a great book, watching the snow coming down.  I didn't see myself, hating the gray days and wishing for a little sunshine.   So, this is a post of reality.  There is no perfect life.  There is no perfect place.  Better just learn to love where you are.
And oh, yes, go and make a cup of hot chocolate.  The weather man says snow.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful for pink blankets....

I have been pretty darn bad at this Thankful thing. Well, at least bad when I forget to blog about it. Am I more aware of being thankful? Yes, and I have decided that today I am dedicating the whole week of being Thankful to my daughters. Oh, how they have enriched my life.

I can't believe how incredibly blessed I am to have 4 daughters.

There is my oldest Alicia, now a mommy herself, with all the sweetness, humor and beauty allowed. Rachel, my redhead. Smart in things Hebrew and who loves a good recipe and things beautiful. Stacey, the one talented, lover of animals with a heart as big as any. My baby, Emma, who's goodness and kind heart keeps me young and happy.

But today I am going to blog about my oldest daughter, my first little girl friend, my shadow.

She came to us on a cold spring night in the wild west town of Rock Springs. I was so excited that night that I didn't sleep at all. A girl! I had a baby girl. Little did I know what a wonderful life she would bring into mine.

We have been pals for a very long time now. We even dressed alike one Easter...
Even during the "teenage years", this girl was a great daughter.

I won't talk about how it felt when she left home for college. Ever have your arm cut off? Yeah, that is what I imagine it would feel like. Lots of crying and wailing and being very sad.

She let me visit her at the Y and we talked everyday on the phone.
And then she found her prince charming and I let her go again. She really was happy about it...really.

And well let's just say that the laughter has never waned. I am proud of all that she has done. (OKAY ALMOST EVERYTHING...)

But my proudest thing? That she now has a sweet daughter, shadow, necklace loving daughter of her own. And the best thing she can do for me? Love that daughter just like she has loved her mom. Like a Best Friend...