Sunday, December 30, 2007

God Bless us Everyone

The candy dish has just about been picked clean. The cookies are looking well, rather crumbly. Hmmmm, Christmas is almost gone for another year. I am always sad and happy to let it go. Some of the high points were...... (Hum with me to the tune of "My favorite things....") Girls in gold dresses with gold satin sashes,
Girls making cookies with grocery store dashes. Daughter that comes home with her husband who can play

These are some things that just make Momma's day....

Crafting with D'licia making sure we're real quiet-
Giving the gift-he seems to quite like it!
Opening packages, there was a real bunch,
Rachel likes her new laptop, we've got a hunch.
Brittnie and Reed come see us for dinner.
Brian makes Pizza, it's always a winner.
We toast with cranberry and stuff with a ham
Better stop eating or we'll break the cam!

When the dog sheds, when the cat yowls,

when I'm feeling sad...I'll simply remember this holiday blog...

and then I won't feel SOOOOOOOO BAD.....

(Until I step on the scale on Monday....)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Glitter, glitter everywhere....

Ok, it's December 2 and I am already sick, sick, sick of glitter. And fleece and glue sticks and little red and green ribbons and more fleece and glue sticks. I am CRAFTED OUT!!
I have been getting ready for the local craft show for a couple of months. The problem is that I can think of too many ideas and I really hate making something 49 times.
But I managed to crank out a few things and make a real BIG MESS in my studio. I was also waking up at 4:45 am and flopping out of bed with my glue gun under my arm....scary huh?
Thank heavens the big day came and the best part was just sitting there with my buddy Melanie and having a great yak. People even interrupted us and bought a few things.
Melanie and I go way back as friends and crafters. She was just a new mother when they came to Florida and she taught me to paint on wood (well she tried) and I encouraged her to sew pink stuff for her little girls. So, now we are so lucky to be in the same area together and her little girls are now growing up and she makes beautiful prom dresses.
Emma was there the whole time with us and entertained herself playing with the for sale fairies and conning her mom into buying a "magic wand"

The part I hate the most is sitting there watching the people go by and decide if your
hard work is worth the money. BOOO on that part. I admit I get a larger thrill out of giving away a print to my friends who come to see me.

But enough whining from the glitter gal around here.
And we are already talking about NEXT YEAR and planning our crafty strategies!

Just don't be surprised any of you that I might "gift" in the next year, if I send you something I just happened to already might be covered in glitter.
Here are a few pics of what I sold-or tried to....