Sunday, July 13, 2008

"MOVE"....a four letter word

There is a point in a "move" that you begin taking the home out of your house. We are there.

As we have dug in and started this leaving, there are too many layers....literally. DUST being the most prevalent ( my less than stellar housekeeping skills are discovered once again!)

As the fresh paint covers up the growth chart on my pantry door and then the pencil drawings on the girls bedroom wall, I am struck once again how hard it is to pull up the family roots. AND MESSY...yeah, REALLY MESSY!

I have patched and sanded and painted and scraped. Don has lugged and stacked and hauled away pickup's full. Life takes a lot of stuff. And we are peering down the tunnel for a point of's waaayyyy down there.

Stay tuned. There is more MESS to come before it's over. It can only get worse.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Over too Soon! Denver Days...

After considering all the exotic places to celebrate our anniversary, we chose.....DENVER.
That's right- cause that is where the cutest grandchild is growing up and we needed a fix.
I bought a new little purse and some fresh m&m's and we were off!
Here we are checking out blocks and she is pointing and I am telling her each letter and then she runs and gets another. FUN GAME!
Then out came the stickers and she pasted them on the couch while grandpa watches!
Also, when Mamie left her shoes off, Ella tried them on for a stroll! I was so proud!
Too soon, it was time to go.....I hate this part.
Ella is a wonderful "hugger"....
Bye, bye.